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Saturday, August 4


Saturday, August 4:


I left Beemer Hill at Oh-Dark-Thirty with clear skies and cool temps.  1020 miles later, I found a small motel just outside of Bennington, VT.  The first leg of the ride was PERFECT!


Chicago:  The sun rising behind the sky-rises in downtown Chicago cast a pink glow, with the first rays of sun sparkling off the tops of the buildings.  It was a momentary “snapshot” of the city that will remain in my memory.    


Observation:  Is Chicago EVER going to be finished with Road Repair?  And … are they checking their bridges?


The EZ Pass that I mounted on my handlebars now works with most of the Toll-Way Systems.  How easy (and painless) it was to just ride through those nonstop lanes. At this point, I am giving this 2 thumbs up, but I wonder if I’ll be shocked when I see my credit card bill…….


Gadget:  My new GPS seems to work out GREAT.  I say “seems to” because there is still a learning curve for me . I have found myself going north instead of south a couple of times because of my poor programming skills the night before. 


Observation:  I am amazed by the Iron Butt riders who can do this day after day, and still have the wherewithal to program their GPS units.


 Cleveland looks a lot like Milwaukee.  It’s a lovely city.  I’d like to actually visit it sometime instead of always riding through it.  There was a “Speed Enforcement” push happening when I rode through.  They must have had an airplane clocking the speeders.  At one point I saw 8 cars stopped within a half-mile.  I am not sure how I dodged that bullet.


Today’s states:  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont.

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