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Sunday, August 5


Day Two:  SUNDAY, August 5th.  Bennington, VT to Allentown, PA.  600 miles. 


Today was almost all secondary roads.  The mountains of Vermont were beautiful, the ride was extraordinary.  I was at the ocean before noon, took the obligatory picture, and then headed south and west. 


The secondary roads were packed with weekend warriors by noon, which slowed travel down substantially.  Take into consideration that I programmed my GPS wrong, and I saw more back roads than I needed to.  (sigh) 


I spent a lot of time in Connecticut, looking for Martha Stewart’s house.  (Actually, I was lost, but I prefer to think of it as “touring”.)


I did take time to ride south on Pennsylvania Hwy 209, through the Delaware Watershed.  Lovely road, beautiful park.  Our Federal tax dollars at work.  I even saw the PEEC - Pocono Environmental Education Center.  I wish I would have had more time here.  I am putting this on my list of places I must return to …  I REALLY want to come back to this park.


Observation:  The flying bugs are very large here.  NOTE-TO-SELF:  Be sure to ride with the face-shield closed at dusk.


I spent the night in Allentown, PA.  It started raining about 20 minutes after I parked the bike, so my timing was perfect.


Dinner was Lobster-Stuffed Salmon with fresh steamed spinach, complimented with a glass of Pinot Grigio.  I am happy. 


Today’s states include:  Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.


ONWARD, through the fog! 



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