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Monday, August 6


Day Three:  MONDAY, August 6th.  Allentown - Charleston, WV   600 miles


Let’s see … today I had the pleasure to get lost in Washington DC.  Uhg.  My GPS kept telling me to go north, but I knew that couldn’t possibly be right so I continued to ride around in circles until my only option was to do what the danged thing said.  (It was right, by the way..) 


Observation:  Why is our nation’s capitol city in such disrepair?  Dirty streets with pot holes; no flowers, too much litter, an abundance of unemployed and probably homeless people    .  Very sad, I think.


West Virginia is totally, absolutely beautiful.  They have a State Wildflower project, putting wildflowers in the medians on the freeways.  How striking!


States today include Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and of course Washington DC.


Songs in my head now include Billy Joel’s hit about Allentown, and John Denver’s song, “Almost Heaven.”  MAKE THEM GET OUT OF MY HELMET! 


Note to self:  If waiting to use the ladies room and a man comes out apologizing, wait until the next stop.  Do not enter!


Oooh - almost forgot to tell you:  Yesterday on the freeway, when leaving Massachusetts and entering Connecticut, I passed three bikers who stopped just a half mile into Connecticut to take off their helmets and put on their dew-rags on the shoulder of the freeway.  It seemed rather silly to me….  Okay - it was uproariously hilarious!


I went under a walking bridge structure today that was labeled “Appalachian Trail.”  What an awesome hike that would be…….


Til the next time

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