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Wednesday, August 8

Day Five:  Wednesday August 8th. 

Atlanta, GA to Jackson MS  630 miles. 


With the heat predicted to be off-the-charts, I started my day at 4 AM and was on the bike running through downtown Atlanta by 5 AM.  What a marvelous city. 


The bike and I were at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico by 11 AM.  It was another hazy day;  the sun really didn’t break through until after I went through Mobile, Alabama.  I was delighted by the antebellum homes throughout the city.  What a slice of Americana.


I took several breaks throughout the afternoon to stay hydrated, and I decided to call it a day in Jackson, MS.  There is a grocery store right across the street and I found some Shiner Bock.  MMMmmmmm.  


To bed early tonight for another bright and early start tomorrow.  And hey—speaking of Thursday — It’s my BIRTHDAY!  Whoo Hoo!  What an incredible way to celebrate.  I am reminded frequently of a phrase one of my friends at work always says:  When someone asks him, “How are you?” - - - he always replies with ..          “LIVIN’ THE DREAM, Man, Livin’ the dream……”


That’s what I am doing right now. 


“LIVIN’ THE DREAM, Baby, Livin’ the dream……” 

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