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Thursday, August 9


Day Six:  Thursday August 9th. 

Jackson, Mississippi to Kansas City, Missouri  840 miles.


Because temperatures were predicted to soar again today, I was up and rolling by 4:30 AM.  The fog lingered low over the bayous as I rolled west through Louisiana, and the early morning sunrise cast an eerie light over the moss draped trees.  I can see how the Creole people along the Mississippi delta were superstitious. 


THOUGHT:  The song of the morning in my helmet was “Blue Bayou” - the Linda Ronstadt version.  But I have to tell you—- none of the bayous I saw were anything close to blue. 


Shortly after exiting Shreveport I hit the Texas border, and found a two-lane highway to follow north.  As much as I was dreading this ride through Texas and Oklahoma, I am happy to report how WRONG my thinking was about this part of the country.  The roads were curvy, rustic, and tree-lined, and I found myself making comparisons to northern Wisconsin.  The differences were that the road-side taverns in Texas were pretty rough looking, and outside of all of the bars were pick-up trucks.  RUSTY pick up trucks.  Falling-apart, broken down, rusty old pick up trucks. 


   …..  with faded Dallas Cowboy bumper stickers.


In Eastern Oklahoma I discovered mountains.  Really!  I kid-you-not.  The roads were as good as any mountains roads, maybe better because I was just about the only vehicle on them.  Oh yeah…….   yeah …….  That was fun.  I stopped for a photo and used my tripod.  But it was so low on the ground that I got great photos of the bike and sky, but no mountains.  You’ll have to take my word for this one.  Seriously.  J


Then onwards up through Arkansas where, at a gas stop, a cute young “Marshall” stopped to chat with my about BMWs and all things motorcycle.  I think he was probably 16.  Maybe 22.  Luckily, he didn’t blink at the Valentine Radar Detector on my tank bag.  


Speaking of which…

Observation:  A radar detector cannot help you if someone on a cell phone calls you in, and a State Patrol is waiting for you just over the top of a hill.  UHG.  People should not be allowed to cell phones in cars.  Harrumph!


I spent the night in Kansas City, Missouri at a less-than-pristine establishment.  I think the sign stating:  “$130/week” should have been an indicator that some of Kansas Cities downtrodden may live here.


Birthday Highlight: A malnourished and unkempt hotel ‘guest’ asked me if I could give him a ride on my “motorsickel.”  And then he asked if I could show him how to ride it.  And proceeded to keep yakking at me until I rode off with earplugs in and helmet on.


At least I can say that a guy ‘hit on me’ on my birthday! 


“Yeah, that’s the ticket!”  she walks away muttering……


What an adventure this is turning out to be!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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