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Friday, August 10


Day Seven:  Friday August 10th. 

Kansas City, Missouri  to Colorado Springs, Colorado  725 miles.


At 4 AM it was hot, muggy and humid, but blissfully quiet from the “too-friendly” inhabitants of the motel.  I packed quickly and was on the road heading north towards Iowa before 4:15 AM.  After only about 20 miles, I rode into the southern edge of a cool front that had just passed through, so I had wet roads and for awhile I was actually cold.  At the Iowa border I took my photo, and put on a long sleeved shirt for added warmth.  THAT was nice, after the previous few days of sweltering heat.


Today was primarily 2-lanes again, as I rode southwestwardly towards the Springs. 


Saw enormous fields along the way, and even passed a sign declaring it the birthplace of “Home On the Range”.  Which of course, put THAT song in my helmet.  (Was there only one stanza?  It’s all I could remember.  I kept looking for Buffalo roaming.


Random thought:  Can there actually be a “Birthplace of Home on the Range?”  I mean, there can be a birthplace of the author who wrote the song, or even a place for the birth of the “IDEA” of Home on the range … Hmmmmmm.  I think this is a philosophical conundrum.


Tonight I am at Deb Lower’s beautiful home in Colorado Springs.  What a great place for me to lay-over until Sunday morning, to catch up on sleep, laundry, and for a little serious TLC for the bike at BMW Motorcycles of Colorado Springs tomorrow.

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