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Sunday, August 12


Day 9:  Sunday August 12th

Colorado Springs to Flagstaff, Arizona — 645 miles 


I left Deb’s house at 5 AM, heading southwest through the mountains and towards the desert.  For the first three hours of riding I was actually cold, despite the extra layers I added at the side of the road around 5:30 AM.


Watching the sun come up over the mountains in my rearview mirror was awe-inspiring, although somewhat blinding at times.   I had the roads to myself primarily, due to the early hour. 


This morning was one of those days when I felt completely in tune with the bike... and the roads... and the curves.  It’s hard to describe this ‘state-of-mind.’  Suffice it to say that  this morning, on the quiet Sunday morning roads, I found a certain “zen” while dialed into the whole experience. 


I was at peace. 


And then things came back into perspective when the radar detector beeped. 


Hello!  Earth to SUE!


As I neared the Arizona border and the Four Corners monument, I entered the Navaho Nation.   What a barren and desolate part of this country.  I cannot even begin to imagine how this proud Native American tribe must have felt when they were relocated to this area and told it was going to be their reservation.  Don’t misunderstand me, though —- there are also some incredibly beautiful parts of this area.


At a rest area I met a man and his wife from Oregon who were touring on an old Harley.  (Early 1970s)  They were having the time of their life, but said they had to stop every 75 miles so the bike could cool down. 


He spoke of his bike like it was his best friend, talking about the rides he had taken with “her,” the work he had done to keep “her” running so well, and about the new Metzeler tires he is trying but is still not sure about.  I could have listened to him for hours, but they were on a schedule.  (Stopping every 75 miles really tends to slow your travel time down.)


Observation:  It doesn’t matter the brand of the motorcycle we are on.  In reality, all of the people I know and have met who are TRUE motorcyclists embrace others with similar passions.  It’s a shared knowledge, an unspoken bond, a true brotherhood.


Tomorrow I’ll be at the Pacific Ocean, about as far away from home as I will get on this ride.


So far, I have logged 5508 miles, according to that lying GPS. 

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Four Corners Monument

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

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