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Monday, August 13th


Day 10:  Monday August 13th

Flagstaff, Arizona to Hollister, California    763 miles


I left Flagstaff at 4:30 AM with all good intentions of finishing early today.  sigh.  But I did actually travel further than I had planned, so it’s all good.  I entered Nevada as the sun was rising, and grabbed a cool photo.  See below.


The temperatures today ranged from extreme OH-MY-GOD hot, to wishing the wind off the ocean wasn’t quite so brisk because I was c-c-c-c-cold!


Crossing the Mojave Desert on the motorcycle today was an experience.  Gas stops are in very short supply.  I think there was a stretch of nearly 100 miles without a gas station.  I am glad I am getting good gas mileage so far.


Speaking of gas:  Cheapest gas so far was in Jackson, Mississippi at $2.89 gallon for 93 Octane.  Most expensive was today in California, at $3.86 for 91 Octane.  Must be all these damned SUVs in this state.


I cut through the middle of the state of California to get to Hwy 1, and saw produce being grown everywhere.  Closer to the ocean, I passed a lot of vineyards and wineries….   I was tempted to stop for some tasting, but knew that would stop any more traveling for the day so I pushed on.   (But if I would have seen the “Murphy-Goode” winery, that would have been it.)   


Observation:  I keep looking for the “Happy Cows” that supposed live here in California.  All I have seen so far are some pretty sketchy looking beef cattle.  I think the claim that California now produces more milk than Wisconsin is a vast, Left-Coast conspiracy based on lies. 


However, the wine thing?  They definitely have that one, down pat!


I rode the Pacific Coast Hwy for 100 miles this afternoon, from San Simone to Monterrey.  At first it was fabulous!  But then it became a moving parking lot, with motor-homes and tourists keeping the speeds around 30 MPH.  It certainly made for a LONG ride.


Tonight I am staying at the Cinderella motel in Hollister, California.  Take a look at the cool room they gave me.  Gee, I feel like a princess! 


Hopefully tomorrow night I will be in Oregon!


Total miles so far on the trip:  6271



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