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Thursday, August 16th


Day 13:  Thursday August 16th

Missoula, Montana to Bowman, North Dakota   707 miles 


Today I turned the bike towards home, after tagging Wyoming near Beartooth Pass.  The smoke all over Montana was pervasive, leaving a thick layer of smog over the whole state.  In some places, I could see where there had been a recent fire along side of the road, with some places still smoldering.   It was somber, to say the least.  


The trip is winding down now.  I calculated that I have just about 875 miles to get home from here, so we shall see if I can pull it down in one day tomorrow, or if I stop one last time along the way.


Highlight of the day was riding a pretty steady 95 mph from Billings to Miles City.  Yo-Hoo! 


Below are some shots I snapped today.  The first one was my attempt to catch the RED sun as it was trying to get through the smoke.  I guess my little Canon wasn’t able to grab that.  It was pretty impressive though. 


Shortly after  that, I snapped a photo of a mountain that was swallowed by the smoke.  If you look REALLY closely, you can just pick-up the outline of the mountain.


The next photo is of the hills in eastern Montana. 


See you all VERY soon!

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