Sue’s Excellent Adventure




9034 MILES


Average miles / day:  643

Approximately 225 gallons / gas



Approximate cost for gas:  $700

Rooms for 12 nights:  $900

Food & other expenses along the way:  $500

Tires & Oil Change in Colorado Springs:  $450


Livin’ the dream:  PRICELESS


So there you have it, friends.  Despite the new calluses that I sport on my right throttle hand, despite the two close calls I had with the local constables (and escaped without tickets), despite the cold - and heat - and challenges along the way, it was an adventure that I am thrilled to have been a part of.


Thanks to the people who were kind enough to help me along the way, who offered me their hospitality, and who sent me emails of support and thumbs-up.   What a WONDERFUL time I had, thanks in part to your calls and emails and friendships. 


And  now I return to my life, enriched by the experience of traveling across this beautiful country. 


And now when someone asks me “How are you?”  I can truly say, “Livin’ the dream………”






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